SUPERHOT the Card Game Review — Take a Breath, Check Your Options...and Play a Card

Armed enemies surround you. They have bats, guns, and swords and look ready to take you down. It’s a seemingly impossible situation except for one thing. Time is on your side.

What Is It About?

SUPERHOT: The Card Game is a deckbuilding game for 1-3 players based off of the popular indie video game. In SUPERHOT, time only moves when you do. Players will need to use that to their advantage to dodge bullets and katana-wielding enemies. The object of the game is to complete three increasing levels of difficulty with unique objectives before time runs out or you’re hit by too many bullets. In more detail, you need to interact with obstacles — whether killing them or knocking them out — to increase your future possibilities for interaction or to give you more time before bullets appear! The cards that you use are discarded to the obstacle pile while cards you pass by are placed in your personal discard pile, creating a mini-deck of cards.

The game has three types of obstacle cards: enemy, scenery, and objects, with each type giving you different abilities when they're in your deck. SUPERHOT Card Game has four play modes:

●   ​​​​​​​Solitaire: You play against the system.

●​​​​​​​   Cooperative: Two players play against the system.

●​​​​​​​   Competitive: You face off against another player, with this player representing the system.

●   Cooperative against another: Two players team up against a system player.

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