9 Exciting Indie Games You Shouldn't Miss

It's time to direct the lens toward the more petite gems we glimpsed for a brief moment in Los Angeles, bringing them into the limelight now. During my visit to Summer Game Fest, I had the pleasure of experiencing an array of games, both grand and humble in scale. Over recent weeks, I have shared stories about many of them. What about the smaller-scale independent ventures that caught my attention for a fleeting period? It's their turn to capture our attention.

Robots at Midnight

The creative team at Finish Line Games unveiled this action-filled role-playing game at SGF. In this game, a youthful protagonist must navigate survival in a dystopian world overrun by ferocious machines that have wiped out mankind. With nimble, responsive gameplay mechanics typical of the genre, Machines at Midnight also introduces a dynamic reminiscent of Breath of the Wild, where machines regain strength and multiply under cover of night.

Skies of Tides

Lofty Sky Entertainment's creation, Skies of Tides, seeks to merge gaming with multiple media platforms in a manner not often seen. Players take on the role of Rin in this story-driven odyssey, searching for her missing father amidst the looming galactic conflict. The gameplay experience is enriched with a webtoon, unlocking new narrative layers post-credits.

Fera: The Sundered Tribes

Those yearning for an escapade akin to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, with the thrill of Monster Hunter's encounters, should keep an eye on Massive Damage's Fera: The Sundered Tribes. The player is thrust into a sprawling, visually captivating world teeming with unique and challenging creatures. The game centers around exploration, resource collection, and fostering a growing community with the fruits of your labor.

Happy Bastards

In Joyful Scoundrels, the character Kev embodies the dream of amassing wealth and notoriety effortlessly. Developed by Clever Plays, this strategy-focused role-playing game commands players to steer a squad of skilled mercenaries on missions of exploration, combat, and plunder, all to secure a share of the treasure and bolster one's notoriety along with their storied renown.

Phoenix Springs

With interest in point-and-click ventures rekindled Calligram Studio is keenly aware of their striking, animated entry Phoenix Springs. This neo-noir mystery challenges players to untangle a convoluted plot and locate Iris' brother, Leo. Given its vivid artwork and enthralling story, this game is a promising pick for fans of the genre.

UFO 50

Imagine having 50 games bundled into one – that's the ambitious aim of developer Mossmouth with UFO 50. These mini-games, reminiscent of an 80's fictional developer, span various genres: from putting greens to 3D labyrinths, from wobbly platforming to intergalactic equestrian racing – there's something for every retro game aficionado.

While Waiting

Optillusion delivers a gaming ode to the universal human experience of waiting with In Anticipation. Transported through a tapestry of life's pauses, players are challenged to either find creative ways to pass the time or simply revel in the stillness. Brace for a series of unusual encounters and scenarios in this quaint independent title.

After Love

At Pikselnesia, the development team pressed on with their project following the heartbreaking loss of their lead visionary, inspiring his partner to see the creative journey to its end. Post-Love is a personal tale set against the backdrop of contemporary Jakarta, following young Rama as he grapples with the aftermath of his girlfriend Cinta's departure. This adventure promises to deliver a poignant exploration of loss, sorrow, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Building Relationships

Amorous Architectures from Tan Ant Games might very well be the most unusual game you'll encounter. As the title suggests, players dive into a whimsical world where structures, from homes to tents, engage in courtship. This is a simulator that revels in its lightheartedness, echoed in its unconventional gameplay and a multitude of comedic mini-games – you might even find yourself angling for automobiles.


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