Speculation: A PlayStation State of Play Event is Anticipated to Occur This Week

If you're among those anticipating a reaction from PlayStation and Nintendo to Xbox's recent Developer_Direct, there's potentially exciting news on the horizon: whispers of an impending State of Play event have begun to make the rounds, possibly set for later this week.

The source of the buzz is "Shpeshal_Nick," who is recognized for his credible history with video game rumours and leaks. He shared insights via a post on X/Twitter, even hinting at potential games slated to be featured.

According to the speculation, the presentation might be scheduled for January 31st, showcasing titles such as Rise of the Ronin, Death Stranding 2, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, Silent Hill 2 Remake, Until Dawn's PS5 upgrade, a fresh Metro installment, Judas, and possibly a Sonic Generations remaster.

While numerous titles such as Rise of the Ronin, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, Silent Hill 2, and Until Dawn for PS5 have been subjects of previous speculation and seem likely candidates for the showcase, other mentions like a new Metro title or a Sonic Generations remaster come as more unexpected inclusions. The credibility of this rumor will be put to the test shortly, as an official announcement is anticipated either today or tomorrow if Sony aims to hold this event within the week.

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