Apex Legends Leaker Confirms Previously Uncovered Weapon Will Drop With Season 16

Apex Legends fans have plenty to look forward to this season. Season 16 is set to bring new additions to the BR shooter, and a legend previously unearthed will finally become a part of the game. Responsible for the initial suggestion is an Apex Legends leaker, Thordan Smash, who has correctly revealed an abundance of info about the game. As he confirmed, the long-awaited legendary weapon of Apex Legends, the Nemesis AR, will come with Season 16.

Are you ready to unravel the mystery? All of Respawn's hints have sparked curiosity among fans, as the arrival of a new weapon might alter the game’s landscape in a big way. In preparation for the fresh weapon, one has to wonder what the Nemesis AR is capable of. Let’s dive deeper into the story that precedes this legendary weapon.

Back in September 2021, a trailer for an upcoming Collection Event accidentally included an image of the Nemesis AR. The weapon is still a mystery as Respawn has remained tight-lipped on its purpose and how it will be used. Additionally, rumors have suggested that another SMG weapon might be put into the game, suggesting that the selection process might be more complicated in the future. 

With the arrival of the Nemesis AR in the game, we can speculate that the gun might excel in either close-quarter battles or offer unique opportunities in intermediate-range battles. As the weapon's design appears to be a burst fire gun, it might be slightly more accurate than the other guns but with a lower damage rate.

The new weapon will also change how people think about the meta in Apex Legends. Each weapon has a strength depending on the circumstances, and now that another gun has been added to the mix, players will have to find the ideal combinations for the situation. There is no doubt that the new gun will be a game-changer, and players should prepare for the future of Apex Legends.

Overall, Season 16 is shaping up to be an exciting season with the arrival of the Nemesis AR. With Respawn already teasing us with clues and hints, Apex Legends fans are on the edge of their seats and ready to discover the truth behind the mysterious gun. Do you have the courage? Join us to find out and unravel the mystery of the legendary weapon.

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