Curtains Rise on eFootball 2024, a Technological Marvel in Gaming

Konami is ushering in a new football season with the announcement of eFootball 2024, following the conclusion of Season 0 and subsequent server maintenance. The announcement was made today, September 7, 2023.

The developers have made update 3.0.0 available for all users of eFootball 2023, marking the start of the new release and introducing several prominent changes. One major alteration is the removal of the "Team Playstyle Level" as a game feature. This means players will no longer have "Team Playstyle Mastery", thus player abilities will not fluctuate based on the chosen team's playing style.

Player images will no longer change once the maximum level is achieved; rather, they will remain consistent with the original card received. Also, shiny player cards, previously obtainable with a slim possibility in the ordinary player list, will no longer be accessible.

In addition, all team databases, licenses, equipment, logos, stadium graphics, balls, menu music, and other various details have been refreshed. This includes all player information in the 17 different leagues that are ready for the commencement of the season.

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