Scriptic's Innovation Leap: Raising $5.7 Million to Expand Content Library with Generative Artificial Intelligence for Phones

Immersive storytelling platform, Scriptic, formerly known as ElectricNoir, marked another milestone in its journey with the successful accumulation of $5.7 million in a recent funding round. This substantial investment will be utilized in expanding its unique catalog of phone-first interactive games, curated using advanced generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. The company, already renowned for transforming mobile gaming with its innovative game design and AI use, continues to pioneer.

The funding aims to strengthen the team further by recruiting TV and gaming professionals to ensure continuous quality content delivery. Another intriguing initiative resulting from this funding is the introduction of user-generated content. The London-based studio plans to bring external writers on board, offering them access to AI-enabled creator tools. This initiative not only fosters creativity but also provides a platform for writers to share and monetize their phone-first stories.

This funding round witnessed participation from various investors, including Bitkraft Ventures, Amazon Alexa Fund, and Tower 26. The total amount raised by Scriptic has reached $8.2 million, hinting at the growing trend and interest in generative AI in the mobile gaming realm. Earlier this year, the company had raised $2.5 million in a seed round, drawing support from Vgames, Moonfire, and angel investors like Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin and Unity founder David Helgason.

Scriptic's flagship game, "Scriptic: Crime Stories,” has earned accolades and was featured in Netflix Games in 2022. The phone-first crime drama is interactive, offering a refined blend of text, images, video, and audio to the players who are aiming to solve a murder mystery through the victim's phone. CEO Nihal Tharoor emphasized their unique approach in a statement, appreciating the combination of a talented creative team and cutting-edge generative AI technologies that allowed them to create an immersive storytelling experience.

In conclusion, this significant funding has emboldened Scriptic's vision to become the "Roblox of narrative." With 1.5 million organic installs of its Scriptic app across Android and iOS devices, the company has an impressive trajectory. Its user-focused, creative approach promises to keep players engaged with new content released monthly. Scriptic's successful blending of creativity, cutting-edge technology, and talent provides an exciting outlook for the future of mobile gaming.

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