Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones: Setback Endures Amidst Continuous Development Challenges

The development cycle of Skull and Bones could arguably be one of the most extremely turbulent in gaming history, considering the numerous delays, game concept alterations and a lukewarm reception to its beta testing. Despite these challenges, Ubisoft still vows to release the game eventually, although it's hardly creating a buzz.

Kotaku reports that the game has now suffered the loss of its third creative director, indicating more bumps in the road. Elisabeth Pellen, who started working on this pirate-themed game in 2018, has departed from Ubisoft's Singapore studio and returned to the company's Paris headquarters.

"Elisabeth Pellen set out on a mission five years prior to reboot the creative direction of Skull and Bones at Ubisoft Singapore." The company stated, "She has succeeded. Her vision of a unique naval action RPG experience is now being implemented through Skull and Bones team's efforts."

Pellen is expected to remain in Singapore until the year-end, suggesting she won't be far off when Skull and Bones is projected to be officially released. While this doesn't necessarily imply that the fate of the game is doomed, it certainly isn't an encouraging indication.

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